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Establish your own business in the local FMCG market

POLYtij ® India is looking for entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of their knowledge and experience in the fast moving consumer goods market.

POLYtij ® India is affiliated with Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd, one (1) of only a select few in the world whom are official HP TIJ 2.5 filling licensees. Thus we offer our unique polymer thermal inkjet technology sold and distributed globally under our POLYtij ® brand.

HP thermal inkjet technology is expanding into many new applications that traditional inkjet technologies such as continuous inkjet (CIJ) and thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) operate. Our new range IP- 65 HP thermal inkjet printers can withstand the harshest environments including the fish, meat and poultry industries, thus opening up new markets for POLYtij ® printers & inks.

In 2022, POLYtij ® India will also be adding a new range of Industrial 4.0 iOT piezo & TIJ printers that will revolutionise the way human operate coding and marking technologies.

With minimal startup capital required, our company can offer full training together with high level marketing and technical support to sell and distribute our companies unique range of POLYtij ® printers & inks.

Our local Regional Manager will provide support at a local level whilst Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd and our strategic partner Sojet Electronics Xiamen Co Ltd can provide 24/7 engineering backup.

So isn't it time you create your own business opportunity knowing you have full backup and support from a global OEM?


We provide a complete range of HP thermal inkjet printers including single and multiple print head variations as well as hand-held printers with scanners covering most industrial coding solutions.


The POLYtij® printer range are designed for ease of use with intuitive menus for factory operators, low maintenance and flexibility while being highly cost effective.


We offer an extensive range of locally manufactured and uniquely developed inks for our range of POLYtij® HP thermal inkjet printers.


Ink cartridges also available for other thermal inkjet printers, please contact us for more details below.  No matter your coding requirements, we will have an ink suitable for your application.


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My name is Goutham Reddy and my main goal is to work with a local network of entrepreneurs to provide cost effective production line polymer thermal inkJet technology in HP aqueous & solvent cartridges designed for virtually any type of marking and coding requirement.

Working with a licensed HP TIJ 2.5 cartridge filling company, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd based in Melbourne, Australia has allowed me to provide the very first polymer based ink cartridges into India.

Providing world class adhesion qualities to multiple substrates including glass, stainless steel and many types of films and plastics.

With a full range of POLYtij® India printers we can provide a solution to suit most applications. From self install printer kits to IP65 multi head systems, POLYtij ® India is here to support our Distributors 24/7, 365 days per year.

- Goutham Reddy


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