We provide a complete range of HP thermal inkjet printers including single and multiple print head variations as well as hand-held printers with scanners covering most industrial coding solutions. The POLYtij printer range are designed for ease of use with intuitive menus for factory operators, low maintenance and flexibility while being highly cost effective.

POLYtij® S1i HP thermal inkjet printer single printhead

Single Printhead

Double Printhead

POLYtij® S3i-2 HP thermal inkjet printer double printhead
IP65 HP thermal inkjet printer

IP65 Printer

Multi Printhead

POLYtij® S3-6 HP thermal inkjet printer one to six printhead

S-34 Combo Printer

Handheld Printer

POLYtij® S2i HP thermal inkjet printer handheld printer mobile

Handheld Stamper

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